Alluring skin

like never before

Top grade Collagen
from Egg Shell Membrane.

  • The most innovative pharmaceutical-grade supplement in a capsule.
  • 16x absorption faster than marine collagen.
  • Improve skin elasticity and anti-aging.
  • Deeply hydrate on the dermis layer.
  • Increase skin barrier 35% from pm2.5, UV rays.
  • Contain 81% of concentrated Hyaluronic acid (HA) and GAGs.
  • Digestive comfort.
  • Stored in cellulose capsule for easy digestion and gradually
  • Release the active ingredients in a capsule as needed.

COLLALAB is designed for true skin beauty for all skin types. Egg Shell Membrane,
French Maritime Pine Bark, and Brown Rice Ceramide are the leading ingredients.
The Egg Shell Membrane is curated by the world’s best source from Spain. The main
function is to transfer its collagen to the dermis layer because its main content is full
of collagen type I,v, and X. The key success of this Egg Shell Membrane is that the
body can digest at 16x than other conventional marine collagens.

Our supplement is hygiene sealed in a cellulose capsule, easier to take with you
anywhere. The Cellulose capsule can release the ingredients within a single unit
of time. Therefore, every material will be digested comfortably with full maximum

Alluring skin like never before
100% nutrient, 0% concern

The Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Protein

Bovine Collagen
  • Well-rounded
  • Widely available
  • Safe and effective
  • Easy to find high-quality varieties
  • Some people may be allergic or sensitive to it
Pig Collagen
  • Shares the most similarities to human skin
  • Suitable for people react to bovine collagen
  • Not widely available
  • Hard to find high-quality varieties
Chicken Collagen
  • Typically contains the most collagen types
  • Easy to make at collagen-rich chicken collagen broth at home
  • Carry the risk of aviary diseases
  • Not widely available
  • Hard to find high-quality varieties
Fish and Marine Collagen
  • Environmentally-friendly processing
  • Most absorbable out of all collagen types
  • Fish scale collagen can be absorbed through the skin
  • Not widely available
  • Hard to find high-quality varieties
Egg Shell Membrane Collagen
  • Comes with glucosamine sulfate,chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid
  • Great for joint health
  • Not widely available
  • Hard to find high-quality varieties


Take one capsule daily, effectively absorbing on an empty stomach at night time. Your body can recharge during nighttime sleep.

Your skin is producing collagen and elastin from the food taken in daily life. However, the productivity of these proteins will deteriorate as you aged. Hence, you might not be able to measure that you’ve already consumed enough Vitamins or minerals for your skin health. Therefore, everything will be done with this capsule.

Collalab is designed and cultivated for enhancing your beautiful skin and set new foundation on the skin. We are backed up with clinical data and scientific research that has proven the quality of our product. The best way to tell your life story is by your skin so it’s better to have the best skin of yours isn’t it.

The change can slightly occur from 5-6 days after constantly taking the supplement and the noticeable change will be around 1 month. Please be reminded that our supplement’s ingredients are natural. Therefore, it is okay to give time for a change.

It is unisex and suitable for any age from 20+

Collalab may not obstruct any of your diet but please speak with your physician if you have a health issue or concern before start taking Collalab.

Collalab has no issue and is safe with other supplements or medications.

Hence, please have an opinion from your physician for any suggestion before adding Collalab to your routine.

Collalab doesn’t have any effect on your sleeping habit even though our dietary supplement contains Vitamin C but it will be used for supporting the synthesis of other ingredients.

Collalab ingredient substances are edible and used as part of dishes on a daily basis. However, more condensed in nutrition, and the subject of moisturizer is to support your body cell to work functionally.

Furthermore, in terms of safety during pregnancy and lactation, preferable to be advised by your physician or obstetrician before you consume Collalab.

Collalab is designed and researched to be taken 1 capsule a day for the optimal point. Hence, all ingredients are natural extractions so they are not harmful to your body.

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